DRRF METALS Inc is a privately held Nevada corporation dedicated to advanced development and scientific research in the fields of mining, refining, spectrum analysis, and methodologies for applications of precious and rare earth metals.

Operations and field development is headed by owner, Dr. Robert Finch, a world-renowned nuclear physicist, chemist, and theoretician. Among Dr. Finch's projects group are some of the most brilliant minds in their related fields of mining, geomagnetics, and applied mechanical engineering, who work in shared association with him depending on the endeavor.

We will provide our clients with assays of their ore in our state of the art analytical laboratory run by chemists that have passed the high standards set by Dr. Finch.

The company is building a state of the art processing facility for precious metals and rare earth metals which should be online by the end of the year. While your ore is in our facility it will be under 24 hour protection. When not being run thru the processing facility it will be stored in our high tech security warehouse.

In addition we will have a separate long term high security bonded warehouse for you to store your metals either from the completed processing of your ore or from the metals that you have already acquired. We will also store ore concentrates in metal containers or barrels that have been assayed for asset collateral trades.

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